To participate in the contest, please fill in the online registration form available in the section REGISTER.

The deadline to register is Sunday 22.09.2024.

The participation fee for each crew is €50, to be paid by midnight on 22.09.2024 with the following payment reference:
“Crew name – registration fee BZ48H#8”
To the following bank:
Bank name: Raiffeisen Bolzano
IBAN: IT41B0808111600000300049751
Recipient: 19 Societa Cooperativa

Each participating team must provide a group name and representative. At the start (STARTING LINE) and at the end of the 48 hours (FINISHING LINE) at least one team representative must be present. The venue for Starting and Fishing Line will be the Vintola 18 Youth Culture Centre (via Vintler 18, Bolzano). NB: The competition is open to teams and individuals from the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Trentino-Alto Adige region, all Italian regions, the Euregio, and other European countries. Under 18s may also participate; simply fill in the relevant release form handed in by the organisers at the STARTING LINE.

THE SHORT FILMS The short films must be shot within the city of Bozen/Bolzano during the 48-hour time frame. The duration of the short film must be between 1 minute and 8 minutes, excluding opening and closing credits.

On Friday 27th September 2024, three clues will be revealed:
1. the LOCATION in the city within which at least one scene is to be filmed, which will be drawn at random.
2. the OBJECT which must appear as an integral element in the film.
3. a SECRET CLUE that will revealed only at the STARTING LINE.
These clues serve as a creative prompt, a starting point for the narrative. There is total freedom as to the content and form in which the story will be told. The most important factor is to stick to the three clues and to situate the story within the city, emphasising its characteristics: Bolzano must be recognisable. Once each team has received their documents and clues, the competition will begin.

On Sunday 29th September 2024, at the end of the 48-hour time frame, all films must be submitted together with the production documents and relevant release forms. Any participants who do not submit their work by the deadline will be disqualified from the contest.

We recommend that you prepare for the 48 hours in advance by organising your crew, any necessary technical equipment, and by recruiting actors. We invite you to read through the details in our official rulebook, which can be downloaded HERE.

Can I also participate in the contest as a solo filmmaker?
Yes, the film crew can also consist of just one member.

Is it necessary to be a professional and/or use professional technical equipment?
No, the contest is open to both professional and amateur filmmakers. You can shoot with any camera or device.

Can I film some shots outside the city of Bolzano?
No, the entire short film must be shot within the city limits of Bolzano.

If I have already participated in past editions of the contest, can I register again?
Of course!

Do I need to obtain waivers and production documents?
No, the contest organisers will provide all the relevant documents for filming at the Starting Line.

Can I use archival footage?
No, archival material may not be used.

What kind of music can I use?
Original music or tracks in the Creative Commons (downloadable from various online archives) may be used, as long as you can prove that you own the rights to use the track.

Is it possible to work with two teams at the same time?
Yes. For example, you can be the team leader of one group and participate in another short film as an actor or in another role. However, the same person cannot be the leader of two different teams.

I am from Bolzano, but have no suitable accommodation available. Can I apply for the ‘Coming from out of town’ offer?
No, the offer is only open to teams travelling from outside the Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano. It is necessary for the team leader to provide their residence details as well as those of any team members who will be staying at the accommodation provided.

If I reach the finals with my short film, can I submit a new version of the film without any audio or video issues?
No, the films qualify for the final screening in the same version in which they were delivered at the finishing line.

If I pay my €50 registration fee and withdraw last minute, will I be refunded?
No, the registration fee is not refundable.

I am a minor, can I participate?
Yes, with the signature of a parent or legal guardian. What genres of short films are eligible for the contest? You can shoot any genre of film: fiction, documentary, video art, etc.

Will I be allowed to film anywhere in Bolzano?
The film crews may shoot freely on public property. For private locations, you will be provided with a release form to be signed by the owner of the premises.

What are the grounds for elimination from the contest? Submitting your film after the 48-hour deadline. Failure to deliver the release forms. Absence of the 3 clues in your short film. Lack of image and music rights. Presence of sensitive content: pornography and defamation are absolute grounds for elimination from the contest.